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Bé Hindriks

The photography of Beeldgang is about looking for the deeper meaning of our lives, our emotions . It’s about how we observe our world, how we meet each other. It’s about how our thoughts and emotions play an important role in perceiving. Perception is given an intersubjectively, we must identify which elements are generally applicable.


With a live time of experience Bé Hindriks has developed a good eye for composition. In his photos he explores the limits of visual perception. Regularly those photos doubt that perception.


The pictures are of top quality. On top grade dibond they will stand out in every single way.


The photos have a unique and creative character. The vertical images and motion studies are supplied in a limited edition.

Why Buy a Picture

The Pictures from Bé Hindriks are unique and very limited. It is a true work of art and a great conversation piece for anyone who sees it.


Bé Hindriks has a special process regarding his pictures. They are made with great care and precision to insure quality.

Bé Hindriks

Bé Hindriks is a photographer for the Netherlands. With more than 30 years of experience with art and photography he has won several awards with his unique and creative pictures.



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